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Your pet's day "at our spa" usually starts with a bath. We have a variety of shampoos, conditioners and grooming sprays at our disposal and a great deal of expertise in selecting the right products for your pet. If you have medicated products from your vet, please bring them in and we will be happy to use them as prescribed.
Next is the drying process. This can take from 15 minutes to several hours depending on your pet's coat. Most cats will spend several hours cage drying but still go home damp here and there because of their knack for curling up.
Last but not least, your pet's haircut involves all the brushing, clipping and scissoring that your pet needs. Also included is nail clipping, plucking the hair from and cleaning the ears. We like to finish our grooming with cologne and bandana or bows. Please let us know if you prefer we skip that step.
Shopping: We strive to offer fun and unique products for dogs and cats as well as essential tools for at-home grooming. In addition to collars and leashes, we offer pet fashion products, beds, training videos, toys, treats, and more. You and your pets are welcome to browse at any time during regular business hours.
Image by Krista Mangulsone
Please call to receive an estimate on grooming services. Please note, all pricing is an estimate, especially when given over the phone. Prices are subject to change based on the dogs coat condition. You may incur an additional cost if we find it necessary to perform the following:
  • De-shedding: Some dogs require de-shedding. This usually occurs around nine months of age and in the spring and fall. This is when your dog will lose his puppy, winter or summer coat.
  • De-matting: We do not expect your pet to be knot free. If the knots are extensive, we will charge accordingly. If the knotting is excessive, we will call and suggest that we shave down your pet. This will minimize your pets stress and discomfort and minimize any de-matting charges.
  • Oatmeal Bath: This is a specially formulated shampoo designed to prevent and/or alleviate dry or distressed skin.
  • Flea Bath: Any pet that we suspect of having fleas or ticks will receive a flea bath. This will eliminate any infestation. For residual protection, please inquire about Sentry Fiproguard.
  • Anal Glands: If requested or we detect an odor or swelling at your pets’ rectum, we will examine, and if required, express your pets’ anal glands prior to bathing.
  • Teeth Brushing: We will be happy to, when requested, brush your dogs teeth. We recommend that owners brush their pets’ teeth daily. Chicken flavored tooth paste are available. Please keep in mind that this does not take the place of a dental cleaning performed by a vet.

Microbubble Bath


Furrs N Purrs is excited to introduced Cleancoat Technology. This is made to treat skin issues with dogs and cats.  Over 70% of veterinarian visits relate to skin issues.  With groomers having the ability to see skin issues, sometimes even before the dog owner, Cleancoat Technology gives the groomer a proven technology that treats skin issues with only clean tap water.

Cleancoat Technology is safe for all animals.  There is no chemicals and therefore no possible reactions with the skin.  Cleancoat produces billions of tiny bubbles-bubbles small enough to enter the pores of the skin and hair.  The natural negative charge on the bubble attracts dirt, bacteria and excess sebum and carries it out of the skin pore.

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