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Your Pet Will Thank You

Check In
The first step in a happy grooming experience is your arrival, Please be calm and confident when you walk in the door. Great trainers will tell you, "Tension travels down the leash." Even if your pet is nervous, if he sees and senses that you are not, he'll start to feel much more comfortable about the experience.
Drop off times are available through the morning and afternoon up until 12:30pm. Please be aware that when you find it necessary, you are welcome to drop your pet off anytime between when we open and your scheduled appointment. All pets must be kept on a leash or in a carrier. This is for everyone's safety!
If you need a specific pick-up time, please let us know. We prefer to call you when you pet is finished. This allows us flexibility in managing our day and giving each pet the proper amount of time. If we give you a time estimate, please remember that it's an estimate. You are welcome to call us at any time to check up on your pet. The average length of stay is about 3-4 hours, but can vary greatly.
If it's your first visit, we'll collect some information about you, your pet, and your grooming needs. You are encouraged to bring any tools or products you have been using on your pet. This will give us the opportunity to ensure that they are best suited for your pet's needs and you are using them properly. Please let us know if your pet has any special medical issues when you drop him off.
Image by Krista Mangulsone
Check Out
We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Personal checks will be accepted after the first grooming. If there are any health or other issues we noticed, we'll talk to you about it at this time. We strongly encourage you to have any health issues checked out by your vet as soon as possible. Also, if you'd like to preschedule your next appointment(s) you can do so at that time. If you're not sure when you'll need to come back, we can recommend a good time schedule for maintenance. Then we'll bring out your baby. If you notice any last minute adjustments to your pet's appearance you would like (shorter bangs or tail, etc), please let us know. We can usually trim it up on the spot. If you notice something when you get home, call us within a couple of days to schedule a quick trim (at no charge of course).
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